It’s fast – It’s convenient – It’s been proven to work

An email to your desktop, tablet or smart phone and start studying.

The learning is positive, enlightening and enjoyable.

We might never replace the classroom, but, when the subject permits or where the workers are remote; E-learning comes into its own.

E-learning has changed, you now get video lead interactive involvement, real persons and cartoons holding the attention and getting desired learning outcomes.

How it’s changed:

Health and safety E-learning examples:

– Fire marshall, you’ll get the legal stuff then, using cartoons and real life video, you’ll feel and observe the real human responses during evacuations and get the confidence and knowledge to carry out a fire drill, a fire report and identify best practice.

– Display screen equipment, you again get the legal stuff then comprehensive info regarding musculoskeletal disorders and solutions.

What does the future hold?

Virtual reality (VR) programs.

VR is expensive, but technological advances will surely bring prices down.